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  About BMOTV™ 

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  We Sample & Test Beauty Products & Services 

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Terms & Policies

From The Beauty Editor:

"Feeling beautiful and healthy and discovering
 what the world has to offer to help us keep it 
that way is what BMOTV™ is all about. 
We help unveil the mysteries of Beauty Makeovers
and what they can or cannot do and what improvements
are currently in the works. We wish you to feel forever 
beautiful and healthy!"

Terms & Policies

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How To Have us Sample & Test 
your Beauty Makeovers Products or Services:

See the list below; if your specialty and facility offer 
any of these Products or Services,  


and we will follow up
 with you shortly.

 Lips Plumping & Removal of Lips Wrinkles.
(as needed)
Complimentary Story and Review provided.

What are the best products available to rejuvenate 
& plump lips? 
Which products remove wrinkles/lines above the mouth?
How much do they cost?
How long do they last?

 Organic Permanent Make-up of Eyes & Lips,
(as needed)
Story and Review provided.

To: Define and beautify permanently eyebrows, 
eye contours and lips without using metallic based pigments.
Do organic pigments contain health hazards?
D the colors turn, how soon do they fade?
What results can be expected?
What are the costs?

 PRP Injections to Face, Lips, Hands & Neck,
(3 - 4 sets during 3-6 months as needed)
Story and Review provided.

Can Platelet Rich Plasma injections rejuvenate 
the face, lips, hands and neck and provide a natural face lift?
How effective is it and how soon can results be seen?
 How long does it last?

 Fat Transfers Stem Cells to Face, Hands & Neck,
(3-4 sets during 3-6 months as needed)
Story and Review provided.

Can Stem Cells Fat Grafts to the face, hands and neck create a
natural face lift in the neck and jaw line while removing wrinkles?
How soon can positive results be seen?
How long does it last?
How much does it cost?

 Non Surgical Skin Tightening of the Neck, Face, Arms & Legs,
(3-4 sets during 3-6 months or as needed)
(or products use for 1-3 months as needed)
Story and Review provided.

Are non surgical therapies to tighten
the face, neck & body efficient?
How many sessions or products are needed 
before positive results can be seen?
how long do the positive results last?
How much do they cost?

 Non Surgical Breast Lift,
(as needed)
Story and Review provided.

Can non surgical therapies really tighten and lift breasts?.
If so, how many sessions are needed?
How long does it last?
How much does it cost?

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 Surgical Skin Tightening of the Arms & Legs,
(as needed)
Story and Review provided.

Can legs and arms lifts be done without showing scars?
How much improvement can and cannot be done?
If so how long do the results last?
How long does it take to heal?
How much does it cost?


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BMOTV™ Reviews, Stories & Videos
 are Reserved To:

Beauty Spas,
Anti-Aging facilities,
Plastic Surgeons, Physicians,
Products Suppliers - Labs - Manufacturers,
Cosmetic Dentists.


Terms & Policies


Terms & Policies


Terms and Conditions Apply:

- For PRP injections, Specialists and facilities may have to use
  ultrasound imaging technology in each area to show the sites
  where the injections will be made.

1. Participants and BMOTV™ agree to not charge a fee
 to each other for services or goods provided
 for educational purposes only.

2. Participant in a Story or Test & Review
 will receive a Complimentary Top Billing Directory
with story and review for 2 years 
(in the order of participation received) that includes:
a) Their company name, name, address, phone number,
 before and after photos cropped at the Editor’s discretion
 a Review and Rating and a link to their website.

3. Participants with a Positive Rating qualify for
 a Free Annual Coupon & Incentive Posting
that will be displayed on BMOTV™ for 1 year.

4. Participants) must complete the agreed upon services
in order to be featured on BMOTV™ unless 
negative effects are noticed.

5. Physicians, licensed practitioner and their facilities
 must be in good standing.

6. Participants agree to a recorded interview with photos
 or videos where applicable taken by a BMOTV™ Beauty Editor
 and that all contents, recordings and stories 
are the exclusive property of BMOTV™. 
Contents may be updated as needed at the Editor’s 
discretion during the 2 years posting term unless
removed by the Editor upon written request 
received from the Participant.

7. Participants who do not receive a Positive Rating
 will receive a posting for 2 years and a rating
listing their company name, practitioner’s name, 
address, phone number and a link to their website.

8. Participant may provide before and after pictures of services
 provided to their customers or model to be posted on BMOTV 
as long as a valid signed release form has been provided to BMOTV 
prior to featuring the likeness of the customer or model. 
BMOTV does not post generic or retouched before and after photos
 from third parties vendors, and participants may only provide
 photos with results derived from their own services and products. 

 9.  Participants may share a direct link with BMOTV™ website
 to view the Stories, Tests and Reviews.

10. Additional Confidential & Privacy Terms
are available in BMOTV's Participants' Agreement.
The parties agree to keep their personal and 
private information confidential, and to hold each other harmless
 from any claim arising from services or products received
 or given to each other.

NOTE: BMOTV™ and or its Beauty Editors and Participants
 do not charge a fee to each other and do not receive 
any monetary gain thus the stories, tests, reviews or videos
 created are purely made for educational purposes to benefit 
the public and online readers.


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What To Do:

E-mail us a request to be part of one of our 
Complimentary review and story,

- If your facilities and your special skills are selected, 
one of our Beauty Editors will schedule
a complimentary visit at your facilities.

By contacting us, you understand and agree 
that neither party may charge a fee to the other
for services or goods provided by you or BMOTV™ 
for educational purposes. All services, tests
 and reviews are provided by the parties on 
a complimentary basis.

- During the visit, an evaluation will be made
to potentially cover a procedure, or to pick up samples,
or to schedule complimentary services
  at your facilities.

- Participants (you) agree to a recorded interview 
with photos taken by a BMOTV™ Beauty Editor, 
and that all contents, recordings and stories are 
the exclusive property of BMOTV™ with
contents that may be updated as needed.







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Terms & Policies

Benefits to Participants (you)
  in our Beauty Makeovers Stories or Videos:

Terms & Policies

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*Participants who receive a Positive Review

will receive a Complimentary Top Billing Directory Posting
for 2 years (in the order of participation received.)
Participants who do not receive a Positive Rating
will receive a posting for 2 years and a rating
listing their address, phone number
and a link to their website.

*Positive Review = 3 out of 3 is the Best Rating

Each Story or Video will provide:

- The Editor's unbiased details of his/her personal experience
of the Participant's amenities and services with digital photographs
 audio tapings where applicable or a video where applicable,

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- Each story will be featured for 2 years on BMOTV™ under
 the appropriate section naming the Participant and his/ her contact
 information, with a link to his/her website,
*Each story may be renewed afterwards at BMOTV™'s discretion
 subject to the current terms and policies. 
- Participant will be listed in a designated Directory for 2 years,
with a link to their website and contact information.

  Coupons & Incentives 
From Participants to Viewers.

In our Beauty Stories Participants join in the fun by offering
  special incentives to our readers or redeemable coupons. 
These specials when available are posted in our
 Coupons & Incentives Section. 

When you visit any of the Participants listed in our Directories or 
Beauty Makeovers Stories, be sure to mention BMOTV™ 
and ask if the offer posted and any incentive or special
  is still available*.

- Participants with a Positive Rating qualify for a Free Annual
Coupon & Incentive Posting
that will be displayed on BMOTV™ for 1 year.
Products or Services must be tested and receive a
Positive Review. 

 Coupons Renewals. 
*Each Coupon may be updated afterwards subject to 
BMOTV™'s current terms. 

*If a Product or Service causes irritation, or
any adverse physical reaction
deemed to be harmful,
BMOTV™ reserves the right to discontinue
 its use (product or service received) immediately
 and to notify the Participant of any adverse result.


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Before and after pictures of the areas treated  will be taken 
by the Beauty Editor with an audio tapings if applicable,
 or Video tapings TBD where applicable.

- Participants may share a direct link with BMOTV™'s website
to show before/after pictures and or videos where applicable
for their own website.

Contact us

Terms & Policies


Terms & Policies



- All pictures and tapings are the property of BMOTV™ .
- Any results of the areas treated will be posted at BMOTV™ 
discretion with the Editor's Q & A, photographs or Video
where applicable.
- All contents & updates are the property of BMOTV™.


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Benefits to our Readers and Participants:

- Most viewers prefer to shop online from vendors who have
 received positive reviews from other users who described
 the quality, value or services that they have received.

- Some Beauty Makeovers facilities do not offer 
before and after pictures of the patients
 that they have personally treated and only 
show generic pictures from manufacturers' brochures. 

- BMOTV™ offers unbiased testimonies of the Editor's
true experiences and what consumers can expect 
from products and services provided by Participants.






Other Benefits to Participants and Viewers: 

Stories with Tests and Reviews presented by BMOTV™ 
are not infomercials. 

Any advertisement on BMOTV™ is specifically
 posted under the Advertisements section and not
in the Tests & Reviews section.

BMOTV™ or its Beauty Editors and Reviews' 
Participants do not charge a fee to each other 
and do not receive any monetary gain, thus
the stories and videos created are purely meant for
educational purposes to benefit the public and readers.





Readers can print Specials or Coupons
 from Participants directly from our site.
*Conditions may apply with the Participants
 so please always verify their Terms & Conditions
directly before proceeding with a purchase.


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 *Only Licensed, bonded facilities with
 qualified credentials may contact us
to become a Participant in a Story.

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 To Participate in a Story 


To Terms & Policies

To Terms & Policies



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 Q & A. 

How are Participants Selected?
A Beauty Makeovers Editor visits a prospective Participant for
an evaluation of skills with mutual benefits to our readers in a specific story.
If a positive evaluation is made at that time; the parties may agree
to proceed with a specific treatment and an estimated date of 
service and completion to be scheduled. 

Do both parties charge a Fee to be in a Story or a Video? 
No. The Participants and BMOTV™ cannot charge a fee for their
services or products offered to each other to be part of a story, a review
or video. These are educational stories and not advertisements.

How soon is each Story or Video produced?
Several factors may affect the date of posting:

- A story or a video can take from 2 to 3 months 
from the time of the full treatments received
 as needed to show results when the last pictures are taken.

- Text, stories and videos are edited when the results 
and all footage have been received, and 
if revisions are not required.

What is the average length of a Video or a Story?

Generally a video is 2.5 to 3 minutes long and includes:

a) The introduction of the Participant and the procedure,
b) the filming, photos of the before area that will be treated,
c) the Participant's taping while treating the area and his/her comments,
d) Close-ups on the areas treated and results (if any)
e) the contact information of the Participant.

Any specials, coupons or incentives offered to our viewers
by Participants will be posted on BMOTV™ 
under the Coupons & Incentives Section.
All Participants must receive a Positive Score
to qualify for a free Posting (See Ratings below.)

Request to Participate in a Story or Video here


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What are the Benefits to Participants
  who deliver positive results?

If a video is taken, Participants will be featured on 
our Beauty Makeovers TV™ You Tube® Channel,
and our  website free of charge for 2 years with a
direct shared link to the Participant's website, 
the Participant's name  and other contact information.
For Videos: 
The production comes complete with sound track, music
title credits, and editing posted for 2 year on BMOTV™
and on our YouTube® Channel,
a link to the Participant's website with contact info.
All Videos may be renewed subject to current terms.

For Written Stories:
 The Editor will relate his/her experience in 
the story, with photographs, title credits, 
the story will be posted for 2 years on BMOTV™ with
a link to the Participant's website and contact info.
All Stories may be renewed subject to current terms.

For both Videos & Stories Participants will receive:

- One Free Directory listing posted on BMOTV™ for 2 years,

- 1 Free Coupon or Incentive posting for 1 year if a 
Positive Review Score was received,

- 1 Review Rating posted in the Directory Listing.

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What if the results of the procedures are not positive or 
the Participant does not complete the procedure as agreed?

 - The Participant will receive a Review Rating on BMOTV™
- The Story, Review or Video will be posted on BMOTV™
 even if the results are not positive.
- If a Product or Service is unsatisfactory and was disqualified
 for any reason after the complimentary partial products or services
have been received by BMOTV™ the Participant will still receive
a complimentary Directory Posting on BMOTV™ website for 2 years
this posting will not receive the priority top page listing.

-In the case where the Participant does not complete the
procedure as agreed, the incomplete story or video 
will only be posted at BMOTV™'s own discretion
or until a satisfactory resolution has been 
received by BMOTV™.

Request to Participate in a Story or Video here


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Terms & Policies

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Terms & Policies


Review & Ratings:

Products that receive a 1 QVS Rating  do not qualify for a Free Coupon Posting on BMOTV™ or a top billing on any Directory until the Quality of the Product receives a Q:3  Rating.

BMOTV™ QVS Ratings is as follows: 

Quality, Value, Service Rating (QVS Rating)

1-3. Rating - 3  Highest is Best

Ratings Examples:

Quality (Does it Work & Deliver Positive Results?): = 3 Best = it Works 

Value (Price Compared to Other Options): =  2 Needs Improvement 

Services: (Customer Services - Care Received) = 1 Poor 

QVS Rating: 

= Does it Work? - 

= Is it Cost Effective?

= Are the Customer Services Caring? 


1 = Poor 

2 = Needs Improvement 

3 = Best  

BMOTV™ reserves the right to change, modify or alter its terms &, policies or contents and conditions at any time upon giving notice to its readers by simply posting the changes on its web site; and any viewer may review the changes regularly as posted publicly.


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