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Tested Product:


®: Injected into the lips to create volume

After a Doctor applied a cream containing
 "Lidocaine" (a pain killer) on the lips of his patient and after about a
 half hour wait; one syringe of Restylane® was injected into 
the patient's lips in small droplet quantities that fell bitterly painful 
all over the mouth. Shortly after; the doctor was done and 
the patient asked for a mirror to see the results.






The patient's mouth was black and blue on one side of the lower lip
 evidencing that the doctor shot into blood vessels and ruptured some
of them. The patient's mouth was black and blue with the side 
of the lower lip disproportionately swollen like a "blow fish." 
The patient also complained that the product was bitterly painful.

The doctor did not suggest or provide any pain relief option other
 than by handing a small piece of gauze with water to the client 
to cool off the broken vessels of the mouth.



Later on that night , the patient could not sleep
 due to excruciating pain in the lips that kept her awake most of 
the night; she finally smeared some dental numbing gel on her mouth
 that contained an over the counter remedy for tooth pain.

 The next day, the patient's lips were grossly swollen still 
with black and blue bruises on the corner of one lip.

3 - 4 days later, while the lips were still swollen from the procedure, 
they looked plumped and attractive and the patient wondered if
 the pain was all worth it.

Not so!
the results were short lived and the pretty lips soon 
shrunk down to their original size within ten days, 
but the black and blue bruises did last.

*Months later the blood vessels of the patient 
are still black and blue and have not healed.

2 years later, the patient let us
know that the bruise on her side of
the lips had not gone away.



QVS Rating:

(highest number is best)

(After the 1 syringe of Restylane® injected into the lips).
The QVS rating for this doctor is:  0 out of 3.
The QVS rating for this product is: 0 out of 3.

The Doctor was incompetent and damaged the blood vessels in
 the patient's mouth; the most sensitive and visible area of her face. 

The product did not produce the desired positive results and caused
extreme stinging pain to the patient long hours after being injected.
The risks of blood vessels being irreparably damaged exists. 






Partially Tested Product:


Juvederm®: injected in the lips to create volume 

The Patient came in the Doctor's office to have one syringe of Juvederm® 
injected in both the lower and the upper lips by a Doctor 
for the purpose of creating long lasting volume to both lips.






What happened instead:

 The doctor injected the top of the upper lip and applied more
 product in one area than on the other side of the upper lip.
He then, ran out of Juvederm® and told the patient that
 another syringe will be needed for the bottom lip. 

The patient asked to see the doctor's result 
for the upper lip in a mirror.

 She immediately noticed that the doctor didn't know what he was doing
and injected the product in a disproportionate manner that made
 her mouth look crooked and twisted like the "Joker in Batman!"






Her upper right lip looked awkward and showed the upper side
of her mouth sticking up higher than the other side.

"She told the doctor that she was not looking forward to having
 more disastrous experiments done on her face and ran out of 
the doctor's office as fast as she could.

The Results: 

It took more than 2 years for the lip of the patient 
to regain symmetry and for the product to subside.

QVS Rating::
(highest number 3 is best)

(After the 1 syringe of Juvederm® injected into the upper lip).
The QVS rating for this doctor is:  0 out of 3.
The QVS rating for this product is: 

Juvederm® does deliver long lasting results.

The Juvederm® injection was tolerable pain wise.
The Doctor was the problem and not the product.

*It is sad to think that such expensive injections
can cause such disasters at the hands of amateur Doctors who
 self proclaim themselves as "artists or experts" at injecting fillers.



BMO's Opinion: 

Always check verifiable before and after pictures.
Better yet, meet with patients who have had their lips injected
by the doctor, and make sure that the patients are over 40 years old
and not 20 with perfect lips that really never needed fillers in
the first place. If a Doctor asks for a picture to be taken
immediately after the injection when the lips are deeply
swollen and plumped up, it is best to decline because
10 days later, previously plumped up lips will show a much
more authentic result after the swelling has settled,
a touch up might need to be done, or irregularities
might now show all over the lips.
Lips are in the middle of the face and should not be an
experimental zone for novice doctors or nurses.

Possible side effects from fillers
 injected to the mouth or face:

-Broken blood vessels that may remain black and blue,
-lumps that may take years to dissolve,
-pain during and after the injection that should subside in 3-4 days,
- white patches of products if improperly injected.

Editor's Note:
Patients should always check the syringe that will be
administered by the Doctor or the Nurse to
 verify several factors: 

1. The name of the product: Is this the product 
that you requested?

2. Was it made in the USA, or from another credible origin?

3. The Expiration Date:*All fillers should have an 
expiration date
marked on each syringe.

4. Appearance of product: Any product that looks
blurry instead of clear
might have already expired or
may have been stored under inappropriate conditions and
should not to be applied in or out of your skin.

5. Lidocaine inside fillers or when applied on the skin
is toxic to the body while helping reduce pain during
treatments. If you are looking for plumper lips verify if 
Lidocaine does melt fat at the same time.
You will want to keep all the fat on your lips
in order to keep them plump.

6. Ha injections do not last, while Stem Cells fat
injections do and help rejuvenate the skin.

Common Side Effects of Lidocaine: 
High blood pressure, swelling or redness of the skin at the site
of the injected area, constipation, nausea, vomiting, headache,
tingling in the toes, fingers, or hands, dizziness...

Quantities of fillers to be injected per year are also limited 
to a certain amount that should be verified and not exceeded.


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